Binder & admixtures for anhydrite screeds


Admixtures for calcium sulphate screed


Product description

PRONTOPP® XTRA SPEED is an additive for the production of self-levelling calcium sulphate screeds that are ready to be laid quickly by using PRONTOPP® Compound anhydrite self-levelling screed binders.

Application Area

PRONTOPP® XTRA SPEED is a one-component additive that already contains all the auxiliary materials required to formulate stable, reactive, flowable and quick-drying calcium sulphate self-leveling mortars.

Product properties

  • Provides quick ready-to-lay after 14 days
  • Stabilizes self-levelling screed mortars with a slump of up to 32 cm.
  • Rapid setting and hardening gives high early and final strengths (CA-C35-F6 and higher).
  • Light foot traffic after 24 hours, partially loadable after 48 hours at 20 ° C.
  • Fully compatible with the KNOPP AZO technology for sinter-free surfaces.

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