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Calcium sulphate premix compounds


Product description

PRONTOPP® TMC is used as a ready-mixed factory-dried mortar for a homogenous, easily processed calcium sulphate flowing screed. The factory-dried mortar already includes all the necessary aids required to achieve a comfortable processing of the fresh mortar and a reliable hardening.

Application Area

  • Manufacturing of calcium sulphate self-levelling screed with fast ready-to-lay properties for apartment, official and industrial buildings of strength class CA-C40-F7.
  • PRONTOPP® TMC is a ready-mixed factory-dried mortar to which only water needs to added.

Product properties

  • Homogenous, more flowable screed mortar
  • Short build-in times, considerable pouring output.
  • Low swelling and shrinkage behaviour enabling large areas to be laid with a reduced number of expansion and contraction joints.
  • Fast setting and hardening with high early and final strengths (CA-C40-F7).
  • Accessible after 6 hours (at 20°C), partially loadable after 24 hours.
  • Ready-to-lay after 14 days (at ≤ 2.0 CM-% in case of heated and unheated screeds).
  • Drying and reaction time depends always on the temperature.
  • Biologically friendly building product.

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