concrete admixtures


Admixtures for ready-mix and precast concrete



  • SK – III K (BV) + (FM) leads to steric shielding of the individual cement particles. This results in an even homogeneous dispersed cement paste with low internal frictional force.
  • SK – III K (BV) + (FM) facilitates: a very high and long-lasting conservation of water and liquefaction. high initial and final strength. an improvement of the visible surfaces.

Application area

  • For the production of concrete in the ready-mix-concrete, construction site concrete, and preassembled concrete unit sectors with high initial liquefaction depending on the type of cement chosen.
  • For the production of high strength and self-compacting concrete.
  • The application of SK-III K (BV) + (FM) is used to improve the characteristics of unset and hardened concrete.
  • Applicable in low dosage range as plasticizer according to EN 934 – 2 table 2.
  • Applicable in high dosage range as super plasticizer according to EN 934 – 2 table 3.1/3.2.

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