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Admixtures for concrete products



MULTIPLAST G/HK has a regulating character in the case of deviating amounts of mixing water, without reducing the green strength. Furthermore, the fresh concrete undergoes a controllable plastification, without negatively affecting the final strengths.

In concrete, MULTIPLAST G/HK causes: - improved compaction properties on account of its fluidifying effect that has a positive influence on the green, early and final strengths. - a possible cement saving of up to 10 % or up to 20 % in the case of the simultaneous use of the silica fume fillers. - a reduction in primary and secondary efflorescence and an increase in the resistance to frost and de-icing salt. - a colour intensification in the case of coloured concrete goods. - a lubricating effect on account of the plasticizing components, enabling an increase in the surface quality, and so as to positively influence the removal process.

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