concrete admixtures


Admixtures for concrete products



MULTIPHOB HP brings about a chemical reaction with the basic components of the concrete and ensures a certain hydrophobic lining of the capillary pores.

MULTIPHOB HP causes: - a noticeable hydrophobic reaction of the capillary pore system. - a considerable reduction in primary and secondary efflorescence and a significant increase in the resistance to frost and de-icing salt. - a noticeable colour intensification in coloured concrete goods or a colour pigment savings. - a lubricating effect on account of the plasticizing components, enabling an increase in the surface quality, and so as to positively influence the removal process.

Application Area

  • To create mechanically produced, one-course and coloured concrete goods or face concrete for concrete goods (consistency C0 – C1), like for example, concrete paving blocks, pavement flags, restricting elements and palisades.
  • To produce essentially efflorescence-free concrete goods.
  • To produce coloured concrete goods.
  • If you use concrete hardening agent HP you do not have to use a concrete liquefier in addition.

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