concrete admixtures


Admixtures for self-compacting concrete (SCC)



DUROPP® Plast is a high-performance plasticizer with a very strong plasticizing effect to optimize the rheological properties of self-compacting concrete (SCC).

  • Leads to a steric shielding of the individual cement particles. This creates a uniform, homogeneously dispersed cement paste with low internal friction forces.

DUROPP® Plast enables:

  • Better workability at the same water / binder ratio.

  • for the same consistency, a reduction in the water / binder ratio

  • a control of setting time via the dosing size

  • a low-pore structure and exposed concrete surfaces with significantly reduced bug holes in combination with the defoaming agent DUROPP® Defoam

Application area

  • Suitable for the production of highly flowable and self-compacting concrete (SCC), especially for precast elements.

  • specially designed for self-compacting concrete formulations with the mineral mix DUROPP® Compound.

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