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CONTOPP® Admixtures listed in DGNB Navigator

The KNOPP company continues to advance the issues of sustainability and building biology harmlessness. All drying accelerators of the well-known CONTOPP® series as well as the cement screed hardening agent CONTOPP® Duremit 50 and the 2-component barrier primer SYSTOPP® Colerit EH are already listed in the DGNB Navigator of the 'German Sustainable Building Council' since 2016. It is used to objectively describe and assess the sustainability of buildings and city quarters. The quality is assessed in a holistic sense, over the entire building life cycle. The DGNB certification system can be used internationally. Due to its flexibility, it can be precisely adapted to different building uses and country-specific requirements. The outstanding fulfillment of up to 50 sustainability criteria from the areas of ecology, economy, socio-cultural aspects, technology, processes and location is certified. If the criteria are met above the standard, the DGNB awards the DGNB certificate in bronze, silver or gold. There is also the option of pre-certification in the planning phase. Crucial: the DGNB system never evaluates individual measures, but always the overall performance of a building or city district.


In Austria, the CONTOPP® accelerator systems have been listed in the 'baubook - ecologically tender' ( since 2013. This catalog of criteria from ÖkoKauf Wien is a national requirement in order to be able to participate in environmentally sustainable tenders. In the tests carried out, the products complied with the limit values ​​according to Directive 1999/45 / EC of the KPR substances classified as hazardous to health and were classified as APEO-free. The nonylphenol compounds, which are toxic to the aquatic environment, are very difficult to break down in the environment. Furthermore, the products were classified as plastic-free and not environmentally hazardous according to CLP regulation 1272/2008. It should be particularly emphasized that no aromatic hydrocarbons worth mentioning could be found in the CONTOPP® products analyzed. Aromatics are considered to be volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are particularly hazardous to health.


In Switzerland, CONTOPP® dehydration accelerators have been awarded with the Minergie-Eco label, which sets limit values ​​and exclusion criteria for formaldehyde and biocide levels.




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