Shopping Cité, Baden-Baden

UFO landing in Baden-Baden

On the former French barracks site before the gates of Baden Baden there came about the strangely futuristic-looking Fachmarktzentrum FMZ

The two round buildings that are harmoniously embedded in the site give the impression that UFOs have just landed on earth. In order for the opening deadline to be kept, the innovative CONTOPP screed drying accelerators from KNOPP were used. The ensemble of the new centre consists of two domes and a planted-up connecting building that was to be completely integrated in the landscape. Around 55 million Euros were invested in the 63.000 m2 BGF, a sales area of around 18.000 m2 and a generous restaurant and events area.

“Shopping Cité is the first Federal German project that has wholeheartedly dedicated itself to the architectonic improvement of the discount trade, “ according to the architects from the A Team, Cologne. The 60 – 90 mm thick screeds with a required strength class of C35 – F5 were partially produced bonded or on separation layers. The climatic conditions were everything other than good: Heat, cold, rain and, with that, high air humidity made it impossible to install a traditional screed, particularly as an especially tight schedule was given. Rudolf Benirschke, boss of the same-named Estrich Benirschke, knew what to do: he recommended using the Knopp Contopp Accelerator 20, partially with fibre reinforcement in the form of Contopp fibre compound Granite.

As a long-standing customer of Knopp, he, of course, knew everything about the drying behaviour of the Knopp Contopp screed accelerator systems, and could therefore guarantee both the punctuality as well as the secure drying. The screed mix was carried out on site. A total of 30.000 m2 was laid. The smooth laying and the speedy readyto-lay after in each case just 4 days then secured the progression of the construction. The Estrich Benirschke was founded in 1980 by Rudolf Benirschke, and it made a particularly good name for itself in the Baden Württemberg area.

The Benirschke customers especially praise the absolute reliability, the know-how and the dedication of the 25 employees. It is these properties in particular, coupled with a considerable degree of flexibility and “just-in-time” laying of the screed that is required by property developers and architects today. The company is hence set up well for the future.

Reference data
Construction project
Shopping Cité, Baden-Baden, Germany
Size in m²
Work execution
Cement screed on polythene
Strength class
4 days

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