"Schlosshotel am Wörthersee", Velden

Castle hotel at Wörthersee in Velden, Austria

In between the Upper Tauern in the northwest and the Carnic Alps and Karawanken in the south, Carinthia presents itself as a mosaic of the most varied of landscapes, which is unparalleled in Europe in terms of its grace and diversity.

In the midst of this dreamlike idyll lies Velden. Velden has made a name for itself as the undisputed favourite place of high society, as an "open air stage" for seeing and being seen. In a prominent location on the lakeside promenade of Lake Wörthersee, just a few steps away from Casino Velden, a myth awakens from its slumber: the legendary Velden Castle, which, with its elegant yellow backdrop and as a former meeting place for the high society, has gained fame far beyond the country's borders. In a unique composition of tradition and modernity, nature and luxury, a sensitive interplay of contemporary, avant-garde, and existing Wörthersee architecture has succeeded.

Velden Castle, built in 1603, was acquired from former "playboy" Gunther Sachs for €22 million and was renovated for €100 million and expanded with 50 private residences. The castle has 105 guest rooms, suites and luxury residences from 50 to 300 m², e.g. the Kaiser Suite and a wellness/beauty centre with over 3,500 m². Pure luxury, which of course also had an impact on all structural measures, e.g. the screed.

The builders Schlosshotel Velden GmbH and Schloss Velden Appartementeinrichtungs GmbH, the construction management, and the ARGE Schlosshotel, which was specially founded for this construction project, decided that CONTOPP® Accelerators 10, 15 and 20 (depending on the construction phase) will be used on the total area of 21,000 m².

There were good reasons for this as the laying period brought a wide variety of climatic conditions - heat with 30 degrees, cold at the frost line, rain and snowfall and all of this with a relative humidity of sometimes over 90%. Conditions that require products that significantly minimize humidity re-absorption. In addition to the difficult climatic conditions, there was also enormous time pressure on the construction project.

The cement screed provided with KNOPP CONTOPP® Accelerator was installed quickly and ready for covering on time and was therefore able to make a significant contribution to the completion of the castle hotel on time.

Reference data
Construction project
"Schlosshotel am Wörthersee", Velden, Austria
Size in m²
Work execution
Cement screed on insulation
Strength class
4 days

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