Alpha Rotex, Frankfurt/Main

Grinding-free screed in the highest office building at Frankfurt Airport

The Alpha Rotex House: Triangular basic shape with building wings cleverly rotating around the core

There are many high-rise buildings - some are ordinary, some are impressive and some are outstanding. The Alpha Rotex House in Frankfurt's Gateway Gardens district, right next to Frankfurt Airport, is one of the latter. Over a construction period of just under 18 months, an office building with a distinctive face was built according to the plans of architect Jo. Franzke. The basic shape of the 68m-high building forms a triangle with rounded corners. With 16 upper floors and two lower floors, this striking new office building has more than 25,000 square metres of rental space. On the ground floor, Alpha Rotex welcomes its visitors in the prestigious, thirty-metre-high entrance hall and invites them into the public company restaurant on the same level, which has a cafeteria and outdoor terrace. On top of that, the building has five thirty-metre-high winter gardens. The building, which was recently awarded the international sustainability certificate LEED by the U.S. Green Building Council in the GOLD category, also sets standards in terms of sustainability. The same applies to the screed, in which a calcium sulfate floating screed based on our anhydrite binding agent PRONTOPP® AZO Compound 2000 F was used. This binding agent has been proven to be environmentally safe and free of harmful substances and prevents the formation of a sinter skin on the screed surface thanks to its patented AZO effect. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming sanding. A total of 502 m³ of screed mortar was poured in, the majority of which was laid on the cavity floor. PRONTOPP® AZO Compound's characteristics allow a high surface performance to be achieved, so the number of joints needed can be reduced to a minimum. Depending on the requirements, a strength class up to CA-C40-F7 can be achieved using a suitable formulation. PRONTOPP® AZO Compound is available as silo, big bag or bagged goods.

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Alpha Rotex, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
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PRONTOPP® AZO Compound 2000 F
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Screed on cavity floor
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